Dec 12, 2011

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Overview of Lync Mobile for Windows Phone 7

So about an hour ago Microsoft pressed the big green GO button for the first official mobile client for Lync (excluding blackberry!). The client is available in the WP7 market place here for GB or here for US (it will redirect you to the right market place if you aren’t in either!).


I managed to grab the app and fired it up to have a look. Luckily over the weekend I had configured all my infrastructure for Lync mobile (you can follow that here) so it was nice and easy to get started…

If your on Office 365 then you might need to make some changes to your DNS: Set up Lync mobile devices and Set up your network for Lync Online

For a full feature/compatibility list for the Lync mobile clients have a look at this post or on Technet

Launching & Signing in


login failedextra loginconnection warning

To connect I had to enter my username in a “domain\user” format – This might just be because our SIP addresses don’t match the usernames.

You can also see the warning you get when connecting from the internal network when using private certificates that the device doesn’t know about

First run settings

intro 1intro 2intro 3

A nice little splash screen & walk through at first run, if you are enterprise voice enabled this will ask to forward calls to the mobile number you entered.

Main app pivot

screen 1screen 2screen 3

The main pivot is three screens wide


Double tapping on the “status” box lets you change your note but you cant change your picture Winking smile

Incidentally the picture for this test user is AD only so isn’t displayed – the phone cant get to the image location


incomingconversation 1conversation 2

Fairly standard conversation with threading as you would expect.


conversation optionscall1call2

Options in an IM let you turn it into a phone call – this launches the phone dialer

Meeting Join


When you click a join meeting link you’re taken to Pocket IE & then launched into Lync mobile. The app will get Lync to initiate a call to your phone & then you can swap back & forward into the meeting content area. From the main screen in the app you can also see the status of any meetings you have joined.

Dial via work


If you are an EV user you can “dial via work”. Enter your number & Lync will then call your mobile & then when you connect it will call the recipient & join the two audio streams together. Great if you want to ring people when your out and about without revealing your mobile number (Caller ID shows your work number).

Something to watch out for is don’t reject the incoming call on your mobile, if you do the other party will be called & put straight through to your mobile voicemail! not a great experience for the person you’ve tried to call Smile with tongue out

Desktop view


The desktop client flags that the user is on a mobile device


unsurprisingly you cant send files or start video – when I test fully on a live WP7 I should be able to do audio over Wi-Fi


Again not surprisingly, no inking support but I can live with that!

Push Notifications (Toast)


Send an IM to a user when the client isn’t running & the phone receives a “toast” notification.


If you don’t open the notification (you get about 30 seconds) the sender gets a “message timeout” after about a minute. If you click the Toast you get taken into Lync and then into the conversation…

Quite nifty. Shame there doesn’t seem to be any livetile support to show you missed notifications. After coming back to my phone after an hour or so & several Lync conversations later I did have a notification on the live tile! I’ll see if I can work out what the counter is for (i.e missed conversations?) The counter seems to be for missed notifications & resets after you open the app.


settingssettings pageabout page

Enter settings from the main screen & helpfully you can also configure logging

loggingcall forwarding

Lastly you have the call forwarding settings if you are EV enabled…

There doesn’t seem to be any way of changing the signed in user or updating a users password. You can sign out by selecting “sign out” under the menu for setting your status… I did some quick tests by signing a user in & then changing their AD password. The Lync client was able to still connect and send/receive messages. I’m hoping that this means the Lync client is using certificate authentication similar to the Lync hardware phones. Either way it certainly didn’t lock my test account out which is generally a good thing…!


connection process

The following is captured from the lync reverse proxy

Action URL Explanation(?)

GET Initial connection to the Lyncdiscover external URL – This is the bit that can be over HTTP
GET Redirection to the LyncRP URL (would have now moved fully to HTTPS)
POST Passing credentials to server?
GET Downloading user information
GET Initialise a conversation
GET setting up connection
GET Downloading users picture

So that’s a quick and dirty look at the Lync Mobile client. More tomorrow after a more thorough workout…! I’ve been updating this as we go so check back to see any new screenshots/

Anything else to add about the connection trace? drop me a note & I’ll update as we go

  1. Great article – very helpful in understanding the potential. I couldnt get the client to work yet as our infrastructure still has issues with autodiscover – I can’t wait though to get my hands on the client.

  2. Thanks, happy to help with the infrastructure if I can? Good Luck


  3. Hello everybody,

    Just a have a question. I’v installed this app but the dialer is not available. I’m using office 365 online with P1 plan. I can see my contacts, send them IM and mail but not dialer and the call icon is grey.

    Any suggestions ?

  4. Hi,
    Office 365 Lync doesn’t support Enterprise Voice yet for making phone calls (hopefully coming soon from the Skype buyout!). Do you know if your contacts have phone numbers attached to them, if the contacts have a phone number (check from the desktop Lync client) the app should show you a “call Work” in the contacts information page. If you want I can give you my Lync address and you can do some testing against my contact..


  5. Oh great please send it to me on my e-mail.

    migsocom (at) gmail (dot) com

    thank in advance


  6. There is a way to change the login and/or password.
    You have to change your current status to sign out.

  7. Hello,
    Email sent!


  8. Hello,
    The only way I’ve found is to click the “status” on the main page & select “sign out”. I did do a quick test yesterday where I changed my domain password & the Lync client continued to be able to sign in. I think it might use some sort of certificate / token based system for authentication like the hardware Lync phones so that when your AD password changes you don’t need to do anything on the phone – thats only a guess for now. Time will tell…


  9. (also thanks, post updated!)

  10. Hi Everyone,

    I have downloaded the XAP file for Lync 2010 and Installed it on my wp7. Installationq went fine but when I try to launch the app, it freezes on app start up screen and it doesn’t seem to change at all. I tried looking for the answers on the internet but couldn;t find something about this. Can someone help me how can I resolve this issue and use the app.

    Best regards,

  11. Hello,
    What version of wp7 are you running and which device?

    When you say you downloaded the XAP I assume you mean you installed it from the marketplace? Did you install it via Zune, the WP7 web marketplace or from the device?



  12. Hi,

    I have downloaded it on internet ( and side loaded it via xap installer. I did the same for many apps and everything works fine except this one. Also the version i m using is 7.0.7392.0


  13. Hi Guys, please let me know if there is any way to fix this. I am waiting. thank you.


  14. Hi,
    I assume you’re having to use a downloaded XAP because you don’t have access the Lync via the marketplace?

    The version your using seems to run OK on the WP7 mango emulator I have but you can’t know for sure if it’s been messed with

    A few suggestions would be:
    Upgrade your phone ROM to Mango / post mango updates if you can (7.10.7740.16) Download / sideload the actual Lync installer rather than relying on the download you had. Something like wAPP store should let you do that –


  15. Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the update. I believe the reason is that the Lync app is specifically made for WP 7.1 as it shows up in the wAPP software. I tried to upgrade my current version to Mango but unfortunately I am not able to side load apps on it and cant either unlock it using the Chevron. As such I had to switch back to my old WP7 which is developer unlocked where I can side load apps with out any trouble. Do you have any link for the Mango or post mango updated Roms that I can download and try installing it? I hope these are developer unlocked. Hoping to hear from you soon.


  16. Hi,

    Will the same steps applied to Android Client?
    I am trying to access Lync Online using HTTP Get and Post methods but it is denying the access by throwing exception “Authentication Type Not Allowed”

    Kiran C

  17. shashanka says:

    Hello, I have a question. The iPad version of the app has an option to view iPad contacts and dial them out. Why is there no such integration in the wp7 app. You would expect MS to provide all possible features in their wp7 app than in their iOS app. Or am I missing something?

  18. shashanka says:

    Just a follow up to my previous question. I know we can manually dial numbers, just wanted to know if there was a way to pick up your phone contacts. Or if alternately, there is a way to sync outlook contacts to lync on the computer (since phone and outlook contacts are in sync).


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