Oct 25, 2009

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70-680 Section 1 Module 2

Here is video 2 in my free training series for the Microsoft exam – 70-680 TS: Windows 7, Configuring

You can find video 1 here

This video covers:

  • Installing Windows 7
  • Install types
  • Dual-booting Windows 7
  • Upgrading to Windows 7

Best viewed full screen

Here is a sneak preview of video 3:


If you have watched any of this series of videos please leave me some feedback below, good or bad it doesn’t matter. Just so I know I've not been wasting my spare time! Thank you

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a qualified MCT or full time trainer, however I have taken and passed the 70-680 exam as well as taking the beta 71-686 and 71-685 Windows 7 exams. I have also taken 25 Microsoft MCP exams in the last 5 years (see About for more details) so I am very familiar with the format of these exams. I make no claims that these training videos contain everything you need to pass the exam, my hope is just that they will be useful to someone looking at the qualification.

  1. Very comprehensive, im thinking I should go for the 70-680 after watching these videos :). Keep up the good work

  2. Great video…keep ’em coming! 🙂

  3. hi dude,
    You are making great start to windows 7.
    Your video is awesome. Please keep it up.

  4. I really like your indepth explanations. Plus, it’s much more easier to take in than reading the books.
    Keep up the good work so I can pass the exam!

  5. Great videos!!! Please make more in the series for 70-680

  6. Very useful videos, please keep making them! Thank you.

  7. Kenjie-San says:

    great video !
    its like a (CBT) nugget, very excelent describet with examples
    voice recording (quality) could be improved; just a tip

  8. Great videos! when is the next one coming out?

  9. Great stuff. I have passed the exam and gone over the book twice but still found a lot things that really pressed home in your videos.

    thank´s a lot for great work.

  10. bobthegeek says:

    Excellent quality. The combination of explanation with live video explanation of actual screens is top quality. This is real hands on training which is the best. The voice is very good but I use a good headset because my speakers are lower quality and it sounds perfect.

    You can tell that Mr. bibble is very knowledgeable and cutting edge for windows 7 in May 2010. Win 7 is relatively new with a smaller market penetration for this stage of its life.

    I am currently reading a 70-680 book and it has something to be desired for first 3 chapters. I realize this is new and the first books will be improved soon. But this video module is very well done and I appreciate the efforts. Looks to me to be very professional and you are not wasting time.

    did you use camtasia studio for the screen recording?



  11. Great job!

  12. Thanks for saving me a lot of money, and time. I was going over the book and its faster to watch a video, where everything is summarized and explained with a demonstrating video. A picture speaks thousand words is truth.

    And did I tell you, I love you?

    Thanks for helping out a stranger like me!

  13. A few friends and I are currently pushing each other to get certified and I think that these videos will help the group considerably. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  14. Loved the vids! I feel like I get alot more from them than the book.

  15. The book is so hard to read- I searched for a while to find videos- the only the ones I found were more than $500 – thank you for doing this!

  16. NerdKitteh says:

    You’re videos are excellent. I was given a ton of material to prepare for this, but nothing has helped me quite like your videos. Thank you! (:


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