May 16, 2010

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70-680 Section 2 Module 3

Carrying on the training video series for the Microsoft Windows 7 Exam (70-680 TS: Windows 7, Configuring) here is the next video.

Today was covering how to deploy images manually using ImageX and touched on MDT and task sequences.

This section build on video 5 that runs through modifying/customising a captured image and video 4 where we captured a reference workstation image.

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(At the start when I mention Section 1, I mean Module 1 instead that covered capturing images)

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Still interested in your feedback so feel free to leave any comments below. Good or bad!

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Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a qualified MCT or full time trainer, however I have taken and passed the 70-680 exam as well as taking the beta 71-686 and 71-685 Windows 7 exams. I have also taken 25 Microsoft MCP exams in the last 5 years (see About for more details) so I am very familiar with the format of these exams. I make no claims that these training videos contain everything you need to pass the exam, my hope is just that they will be useful to someone looking at the qualification.

  1. Great work! Thanks a million for these training videos & tips, it makes life a lot easier to be able to watch a tutorial and capture the main relevant points, rather than read through endless amounts of text in a book or pay hundreds of dollars for a course. I came across this just in a google search and it’s just what I need. Definitely don’t stop making these!

  2. when will there be some new videos?

  3. AWESOME!!! Keep the video’s comming! These REALLY help me visual what is going on, rather than just reading a boring book. I’m taking this exam in 2 weeks!!!!

  4. Hi Ben, thanks again for your effort.
    Really easy to understand and well structured.

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