Jun 19, 2010

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70-680 Section 3 Module 1

Another video in the series for Microsoft’s Windows 7 Exam (70-680 TS: Windows 7, Configuring)! You know the drill by now.

This time round we’re looking at devices & drivers…

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Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a qualified MCT or full time trainer, however I have taken and passed the 70-680 exam as well as taking the beta 71-686 and 71-685 Windows 7 exams. I have also taken 25 Microsoft MCP exams in the last 5 years (see About for more details) so I am very familiar with the format of these exams. I make no claims that these training videos contain everything you need to pass the exam, my hope is just that they will be useful to someone looking at the qualification.

  1. very informative!!

    keep up the good work

  2. Thanks a lot

    I will pass the exam next week, your videos was very usefull to me


  3. ian0x0r says:

    Cool, dont need to read the first 228 pages of the configuring Windows 7 book :D. Another great over view, presentation style is certainly starting to flow better and seem more relaxed. \o/

  4. Very helpful, thanks dude =)

  5. When is the module 2 coming ? =3

    Hi and thank =)

  6. Philip Jonsson says:

    Hey, these videos are great! Works like a charm when you’re reading the book. And please, if anyone got a good 70-680 site where you could do free practice exams that’d be great.


  7. Just wanted to say thanks! I passed my 70-680 exam on Thursday with a score of 966! Everyone of these video’s help in someway. Well worth it to watch all the videos on this site.

  8. Thanks a lot Ben!!! i have just put your site as homepage 😀 so i cannot forget where to go 😀
    i found your site thanks to google that sent me to: http://richfrombechtle.wordpress.com/2009/10/26/ms-exam-70-680-training-videos-2/
    and who has a review for your videos.
    okey, a lot of homework for me now 😀 and will be waiting for next releases. Best wishes!!!

  9. Thanks alot i’ve passed my test due to help from these video’s… ur the don….

  10. really thanks alot bro …
    and go on

  11. Great video with a lot of information. Next video could you slow down when clicking on different tabs and such. At times, it’s hard to follow. Thanks.

  12. Johnathan M. says:

    Great work! I am hoping to take my MCP in a week and have been studying alot; this is probably the best reference material I have found towards the exam and you have taught me lots about WAIK and its tools with all the videos

    Keep up the great work!


  13. Great video collection, i have my 70-680 next week. Slight distortion with the sound on the video though.

  14. Duminda says:

    Thanx lot Nice video great job

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