Dec 14, 2011

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Overview of Lync Mobile for Android

The second Lync mobile client has landed, this time for Android – Grab it from the market place here.

I’ve grabbed the app & loaded it up on a friends device to grab a few screenshots. If your curious you can have a look at my WP7 Lync overview (it has more screen shots & a network trace in).

Also don’t forget you need to prepare your Lync environment with some updates & tweaks before you can sign-in, instructions here.

Launching and Signing in


Enter your SIP address & password, chances are you also need to specify your username. Click the “menu” hardware buttong on your phone & enter the “options” screen.


Click the … to enter your username (probably in the format <domain>\<User>)

First run



Main App screens


Click the … to set your status





Contact cards & Search


Clicking Dial launches the android phone dialler

Background notification


Because the Android app runs in the back ground there is no need for push notifications. The notifications appear in the standard Android notification drop down.

  1. I think the client is pretty good. Looks good, works fine. I do wish the client allowed for video calls or would use SIP to communicate via a tablet but maybe those features will be included in a future version.

  2. hi,the lync client is limited to IM,no possibility to
    communicate with peers thru audio ,it is very limited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. estimated
    a query, I have on my phone lync android is a Galaxy SII, the problem is I can not see my contacts percencia It happens with all android phones in the iphone works well ..

    any idea what might be.


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