Mar 8, 2012

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Metro (WP7) inspired PowerPoint template

For two of the community Lync talks (NxtGenUG & NEBytes) I’d given recently I made myself a Metro inspired PowerPoint template. I thought it might be of interest to a few other people so you can download it here for use in your own presentations…

Some of the slide types I’ve included:

Title slide:


Section header:


WP7 style “swipe comparison”:

image image

Section change – accent colour:


WP7 “tile” content display:



There is a default animation for the items on the page & for transitions between slides that act in a “metro ish” way – using the default available movements… The section header slides also animate kind of like a “live tile” flipping over but it’s far from perfect (you need to use a bit of imagination). The black background can be a bit fun bit with a little bit of the “background removal” tool you can get diagrams or pictures to look pretty good:

image image image


If you download it and end up using the template I’d love to here what you did with it & suggestions for improvements are always welcome.

Metro WP7 PPT


  1. Exactly the thing i was looking for, i will update a video on the web, with credit for this template of course.

    Thanks and Regards

  2. Miten Suvagiya says:

    thakns a lot

  3. thanks very much!

  4. This is just perfect. You did an amazing job. Welldone!

  5. Excellent, thank you.

  6. GGMARS001 says:

    Thank you so much! You’re such an artist!

  7. Thanks a lot Ben for sharing this template with us!


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