Mar 17, 2012

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F5521GW WWAN install on Windows 8 CP (Lenovo X220t)

I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to the CP of Windows 8 and was surprised how well everything seemed to work. I was however having some battery life issues so decided to do a fresh install to make sure it wasn’t some driver weirdness left over from Win7.

After downloading and install drivers for all my system devices i was a bit disappointed to find that the 3G card’s (Ericsson F5521GW in my X220T) driver had installed correctly but that Windows 8 did not want to treat it as a broadband connection device. I could manually start the “WWAN configuration service” and then from a command line if I ran “netsh mbn show interface” I’d just get a message back saying “There is no Mobile Broadband interface”. Not great.

I knew the card worked fine in Windows 8 because it had functioned correctly before I did the re-install and if I installed the Lenovo access connection software I could make it connect to the internet but I wanted to uses the built in Windows 8 connection logic (MS have done some pretty cool things to support 3G connections in Windows 8). After some playing about I figured out how to install the driver correctly so thought I’d share…


Uninstall all other WWAN / mobile broadband drivers

From “uninstall programs” make sure you remove any previous broadband drivers & if needs be open Device Manager and uninstall the broadband device components. When your done you should see something like this:



Download latest drivers

Next go to the Lenovo download site and get the latest WWAN card drivers – even though these are listed as “Windows 8” compatible they aren’t quite…

Lenovo Windows 8 beta driver site

Download and save the WWAN driver ( – Do not run it straight away!


Compatibility trick

Navigate to the folder where you saved the driver zip file and extract them.


Now open the “driver” subfolder and bring up the properties for “setup”


under the compatibility tab open “Change settings for all users” and set “Run this program” as “Windows 7” then apply


Now run a command prompt and navigate to the folder path for that Setup.exe file (make sure you get to the one in the “driver” subfolder, not the one in the level above!)


Now type in “setup.exe /wNOAUTOSENSING /wUSELASTKNOWNRADIOSTATE” and hit enter to start the installer

You might get the following security prompt:


Just hit “more info” and then “Run anyway”


You’ll then get a prompt for elevating the setup & click next and choose the default options unless you really want to store the files elsewhere


When it’s finished you should have the following devices listed in device manager:

  • Ports
    • F5521gw Mobile Broadband Device Management
    • F5521gw Mobile Broadband GPS Port
  • Smart card Readers
    • F5521gw Mobile Broadband USIM Port
  • USB controllers
    • F5521gw Mobile Broadband Device

imageAnd if you click on the “connect to network” icon you should now see your 3G provider listed..! (My connections show as limited because I was on a VPN at the time!)


That was the last of the drivers I had problems installing on Windows 8 and everything now seems fairly happy and well behaved (with no missing drivers or unknown devices). If it’s of interest I could post a guide for doing a clean install but that would mean starting over. Let you know if there’s interest below. Happy Windows 8’ing

  1. This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. Many, many thanks!

  2. Great! Works for me as well. Many Thanks!

  3. EXCELLENT! Thanks loads for taking the time to share your experience. I know enough to be only dangerous and while I’ve had loads of fun playing with Win 8 these last few days I’ve been stuck getting my T420s WWAN working. Sincerely appreciated.

  4. it’s not work on window8 Release Preview


  5. Ben Lee says:

    I installed RP yesterday and the same trick worked fine. Are you sure you got the right file & then ran the right version of setup? When you extract the ZIP there are two setup files. It’s the one in the directory you need to set the compatibility on & then make sure you run the setup.exe from an elevated CMD and with the right switches.

    If you do all that it should work just fine (on RP with 3G just now…)

  6. Christian says:

    This also worked for me in the Release Preview!
    Thanks 🙂

  7. thanks

    well , i just use Administrator login and install again

    it works!

    😀 😀

  8. thanks, works great 🙂

  9. Matthias says:

    1000 thanks, you saved my day! Worked fine for my Win8 RP

  10. Aali Alikoski says:

    Excellent, just what I was looking for! Many thanks!

  11. Fantastic

  12. ben z lin says:

    works like a charm !

  13. Hi, this worked on my Toshiba r700 with Ericsson WWAN card, thanks! It was driving me nuts!

  14. Thanks a lot, you’re a lifesaver!

  15. Thanks, works perfectly. Win8 RP. (I have to deinstall all parts of F5521GW Hardware)

  16. Don’t work for me… I have a TERRA PAD 1080 (not a LENOVO).
    The driver don’t work with my F5521GW WWAN card…

  17. Hi, Have you tested the Ericsson drivers With the Windows 8 release?
    I followed Your instructions on the CP and it worked great, but not on the release. The Device manager entries are OK, but the mobile Broadband does not show up in the Networks sidebar


  18. Hi,
    Just installed RTM (Enterprise) this morning and the same trick works, get full drivers in device manager and the connection showing up in “network connections”…

    Make sure you’re setting / running the right version of setup.exe and try the same version that I had?


  19. X220t User says:

    I just tested it with the Dreamspark (MSDNAA) Release Version of Windows 8 x64 and it worked.

    One tip for everybody who has still problems:
    I disabled the PIN code of the SIM card and had no more problems after standby or reboot.

  20. Just thought I’d chime in to let you know this fix works when installing the Windows 8 Mobile Broadband drivers for the new Thinkpad X1 Carbon. This unit uses a slightly different WWAN card (Ericsson H5321gw). I was searching for a fix for hours… Thanks again.

  21. great!

  22. Joris Hoogstede says:

    Loads of thanks for this great workaround!! It’s people like you who truely add value to an online community!! Works like a charm on my W520!!

  23. Hi!
    Thanks for the workarount, with your help I managed to get the f5521gw working in my ThinkPad W520. All mentioned “devices” are now present in devicemanager and the mobile broadband connection seems to be known by the system. Now I bought a prepaid-sim from one of our providers (Yesss!) and installed it in my ThinkPad. The card needs to be unlocked via the PIN (this works fine), it’s able to find the network, it shows the signal-strengh and – this is not clear to me yet – it says “roaming”. Windows offers me three APN-configurations to choose, but when I click “connect”, nothing happens: without any delay windows says, that it’s unable to connect – nothing more, no further information. I tried any of APN-settings, even the custom settings my provider offers me, but I’m not able to get the connection work.
    Does anyone have similar experiences and suffer from similar issues? Is there a way to get more precise error-messages? Are there known problems regarding some network providers (incompatibility, …)?
    I would be very grateful for any assistence!

    Greetings from Austria!

  24. HI,

    someone can share the inf file?
    i can’t install the package, i get an “Authetication Failed” error


  25. Works on Win8 nonbeta, ThinkPad X230 Tablet 🙂

  26. Works perfectly in Windows 8 Pro RTM on my W520. Thanks so much!

  27. AWESOME! Thank you for that Idea!

  28. GREAT!!!! THANKS!!!!

  29. John Cosgrave says:

    Thanks – that is exactly what I needed to know – it worked a treat for me after two weeks without wireless WAN access.

  30. chatchewy says:

    Hello there,
    thx for the very good manual.
    I have used for my x220 the driver version

    You can download this driver from:

    this driver is not for x220, but it works 🙂

    Support models ThinkPad L430
    ThinkPad L530
    ThinkPad S430
    ThinkPad T430, T430i, T430s, T430si
    ThinkPad T530, T530i
    ThinkPad W530
    ThinkPad X1 Carbon
    ThinkPad X230, X230i, X230 Tablet, X230i Tablet

    ThinkPad Edge S430

    Regards Michael 🙂

  31. Thank you so much!

  32. Works just perfect!

  33. thanks

  34. Lasse Knudsen says:

    Thank you very much for the solution. It worked perfect on Win8 (rtm)

  35. Sveinung Vaskinn says:

    This saved my day. Thank you 🙂

  36. That did the trick. Although I am still seeing an unknown PCI device in the manager the broadband shows up in network-settings (WIN8).

    I have not inserted a SIM, yet. So I don’t know how far this will get me.

  37. Thanks !
    It works perfectly, you have saved me lots of time !
    If you come to Barcelona you have one beer / juice paid !!


  38. Krysztof Rebkowski says:

    Holy shit it worked flawlessly, awesome!

    Thanks a lot! I’m so happy to skip the lenovo access software.

    You rock dude.

  39. Henrik Nordtorp says:

    I’m just joining the praise 🙂 You saved my day – thanks

  40. Thanks man!!! Love you!!!

  41. Spacepirate says:

    Thank you

  42. Tried it on x230 with no success 🙁
    The message is “The specified program requires a newer version of Windows”
    The driver release date is 04/12/12

  43. Jan Witte says:

    Thanks !
    It works perfectly,

  44. Jorgen Caceres says:

    THANK YOU!!! Excellent, worked on my E330!
    greetings from Stockholm

  45. It works – great thanks. I just have one additional I did before it worked, when you type in

    Instead or edit or repair, first press uninstall driver

    Then after Install it

    Super brilliant – thanks

  46. Thanks, Works fine in my E330.

    Greatings from Finland.

  47. 4th time ive been using this site for this operation! THANKS!

  48. Great thanks!
    Worked for me too (in Australia), using production version of Windows 8 on Lenovo x230 tablet.

  49. Thanks a ton for this – did an upgrade to Windows 8 – this was the only thing that didnt work! Sending this comment when connected over broadband! 🙂


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