As part of my video series for the Microsoft exam – 70-680 TS: Windows 7, Configuring here is video 4…

The video covers the process of creating and capturing a reference Windows 7 computer image. It also marks the start of section 2 which looks at managing deployments of Windows 7. The video comes to about 30 minutes and covers some fairly complicated topics, please feedback if you think anything needs explaining in more detail!

Items covered:

  • Tools
  • Capturing a Windows 7 image
    • Building an answer file
    • Preparing the machine
    • Creating a capture environment
    • Capturing an image
  • Mass image capture

Some of the tools used include:

  • WAIK
  • ImageX
  • Sysprep
  • Windows SIM

You can find video 1 here and video 2 here and video 3 here

Best viewed full screen

Links from the videos:

  • Windows SIM Examples – technet
  • MDT 2010  (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) – technet
  • WDS (Windows Deployment Services)- technet

The next video will be looking at how to manage image files you have already created, such as adding in extra drivers after capture.

If you have watched any of this series of videos please leave me some feedback below, good or bad it doesn’t matter. Just so I know how your finding it. I’d also be interested to hear how you found my site!

Thank you

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a qualified MCT or full time trainer, however I have taken and passed the 70-680 exam as well as taking the beta 71-686 and 71-685 Windows 7 exams. I have also taken 25 Microsoft MCP exams in the last 5 years (see About for more details) so I am very familiar with the format of these exams. I make no claims that these training videos contain everything you need to pass the exam, my hope is just that they will be useful to someone looking at the qualification.

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