Why this site exists

This is designed to be a personal record for my IT tips. The kind of things that I find or figure out that might be really handy to someone else or to me in the future.

Why on the internet? Well because I owned the domain anyway and having it straight on the Internet is the easiest place to find things again. If it helps someone else along the way then it’s a bonus. If it does help anyone out then please drop me a comment to let me know…

or you can get me at: website at domainname dot com

or on twitter at http://twitter.com/bibbleq

Me Specific

I am an IT Pro based in the north east of the UK who specialises in Microsoft enterprise products. I am a Senior Consultant for Waterstons who are a UK based IT consultancy and services company. I have been involved in many projects including ISA server deployments, SCCM configuration and upgrades and PKI installations. Previously I worked at the NECC as a Systems administrator as well as doing a few small bits and pieces on the side such as technical proof reading. Before moving into the north east I lived up in Edinburgh and worked for the RBS group doing IT work for one of their subsidiaries.


I know opinion varies as to the “worth” of industry certification but I see it as a good way to at least showcase that you have knowledge in a certain area and care enough about your career to want to be able to “prove it” in some way. Below is my “Virtual Business Card” created as part of the MCP program, click on “learn more” for a fuller transcript.

  1. Jimmy AR says:

    Please i need your assistance. I use Lync in my company. I log in like username@company.com. I have lync on my ipad 2 and it works well. I log in as follows
    Auto detect on.
    And it connects well. I also have a Nokia E7 Symbian and it works on it also with the same setup.
    My problem however is i just switched phones to the Lumia 800 running on Windows and i have the latest version of Lync 2010 4.1.7947.0. But i cannot get it to connect. Please HELP !!!

  2. Ben Lee says:

    Hi Jimmy,
    Does your SIP address match your internal domain? I.e for me my sip is ben@company.com but my username is ben@company.local?

    Have you specified the username correctly in the “options” bit?

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