Super Lync Man

Why this site exists

This blog was designed to be a personal record for my IT tips. The kind of things that I find or figure out that might be really handy to someone else or to me in the future. All us IT Pros know that our jobs are 20% experience & 80% internet searching so why not give back a little sometimes? 😉

More recently I find that my consultancy time is spent less among the technical weeds and more helping organisations with strategic work such as interpreting roadmaps, migrating services to O365 and improving business productivity. This is why you’ll start seeing more “thought” articles where the opinions given are my own and not associated with my work!

Why on the internet? Well because I owned the domain anyway and having it straight on the Internet is the easiest place to find things again. If it helps someone else along the way then it’s a bonus. If it does help anyone out then please drop me a comment to let me know…

or you can get me at: website at domainname dot com

or on twitter at

Me Specific

I’m a Unified Communications and Collaboration specialist working in the Microsoft space. This means I used to do lots of work with OCS, Lync and Skype for Business but more recently that has branched out into Office 365 and of course Teams.

I used to get super hands on technical with all sorts of things from dial plan design to SBC configuration and all things in between but recently I’ve been delivering more and more strategic type engagements (Apparently I’m a very good communicator!) where I help customers to understand their goals and how to get from where they are now to cloud heaven.

You can find more information about my career over on LinkedIn if that stuff is interesting to you. I’m happy to connect as long as you don’t leave the default text in the message 🙂