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Ignite 2017 From the Floor – Call quality management in SfB / Teams

Notes taken from the Ignite session – Call quality management for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams Presented by William Looney and Troy Funk Key takeaways Microsoft provide “top down” and “bottom up” tooling for checking call quality Teams data will be included from October into the existing tools (From previous session SfB 2019 server will push analytics online for “single view” on your users) Network Assessment Tool is being updated to also include port checking functionality Session summary Intro Call quality management should to be proactive as well as reactive Proactive – trending & analysis Reactive – “I had a bad call” Call quality tooling from MS comes in three formats Call Analytics Call Quality Dashboard Network Assessment Tool Call Analytics “Bottom up” view on the data For diagnosing issues with specific users or call For reactive support / helpdesk Can be up to 15 minute delay on the data Permissions by Group membership Tier 1 – obfuscated data, no names or numbers (other than searched user) Tier 2 – All call information Admin – can modify building data etc.. End of October Teams data will be available in call analytics, full data by end of year Call Quality Dashboard 7 months of data CQD now has a product filter to show either Skype or Teams data CQD training information will be available on (previously part of...

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Ignite 2017 From the Floor – Skype for Business server 2019

Notes taken from the Ignite session – Plan your UC refresh correctly: Skype for Business on-premises vNext by Daniel Strader. Session summary So the key points here are: SfB on-prem will have another release This release is geared towards enterprise customers, SMB may have challenges This release bridges the gap from on-prem to O365 / Teams service It will smooth out the migration path to full online No Standard Edition server This means you need a SQL license for your pools No Directors Meh 2019 will support existing CCE deployments Teams will use a “Bring your own SIP trunk” connectivity model Session content   Why another release? Microsoft is investing in another version / refresh Bringing cloud value to on-prem Improved teams interop with SfB More time for customers to get to cloud / realise investments Teams NDA roadmap in October as part of Enterprise Connect If you have on-prem investment & SIP investment then SfB19 is for you Envision running side-side with teams Designed to provide a better experience before, during after meetings Office 2019 server suite Clients Exchange SharePoint SfB Client Minimum Windows 10 Only click to run installer, MSI is gone Migration 2013 – 2019 2015 – 2019 Min server 2016 SQL 2016 This release is targeted at Enterprise customers, some impact to SMB customers No Standard Edition server No Director roles No in-place upgrade Upgrade...

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Ignite 2017 From the Floor – Day 1

<Work in progress post – Sonus interview to come> I’ve been playing with a 360 degree camera, hit the full screen button for the full effect… Expo floor MS Skype / Teams stand briefing Expo floor Expo floor MS area Skype / Teams “general session” keynote Skype / Teams “general session” keynote Behind the curtain @ Skype / Teams “general session” keynote Behind the curtain @ Skype / Teams “general session” keynote MSUC.Chat behind the scenes “360”-elfy General “community area” at the end of the...

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Teams as the future of Skype for Business

So today the cat is out of the bag with regards to the future of Skype for Business and Teams (sort of). Check out this blog from Lori Wright (general manager for Microsoft Teams and Skype product marketing) – A new vision for intelligent communications in Office 365 The key parts of the message here are: we are bringing comprehensive calling and meetings capabilities into Teams, along with data and insights from the Microsoft Graph, and a strong roadmap of innovation to empower teams to achieve more. All of this is being built on a new, modern Skype infrastructure for enterprise-grade voice and video communications. Our next generation, cloud-born architecture is already powering communication experiences in Teams, and is evolving rapidly. As we build out these capabilities, Teams will evolve as the primary client for intelligent communications in Office 365, replacing the current Skype for Business client over time. This fits with the leaks and information that came out a few weeks ago where some O365 tenants got notifications informing them that they needed to migrate from SfB to Teams. Todays announcements do not have any indication of timelines or the approach that Microsoft will take here but as a strategic vision and direction Teams is certainly the right place to start pushing SfB’s voice technology. Don’t forget that Teams has been built from the ground up to be...

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Network Assessment Tool Plus

Microsoft, back in 2016, released the Microsoft Network Assessment Tool for doing a basic check of connection quality to Skype for Business Online / Teams / O365 (see Randy’s blog for more info). This tool gives you a Pass/Fail based on four network metrics (Packet Loss, Round Trip Time, Jitter, Packet Reorder) for the 90th percentile average of the time you ran the tool.

I decided that while the tool is pretty helpful it could do so much more, so with a bit of PowerShell and a splash of PowerBI I’ve hopefully transformed its output into something richer and far more useful.

Come explore your network with me 🙂

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