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Ignite, SfB, Teams and UCDay

So if you are following industry news (and twitter!) there is a lot of speculation kicking around about the future of Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. One of the reasons for this is that we are building up to...

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Lync: A Roadmap update 2013 – Slides

Thanks to those who came along to NEBytes last night, I had a great time & thanks to Nat for co-presenting with me. I thought it would be handy to stick the slides up on-line for reference. Hopefully see you again at another...

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Lumia 920 inverted screen repair

This blog post is taken from an email I sent to Stephen Elop – head of Nokia. TLDR: My Lumia 920 developed a very strange issue where the screen stopped responding & then when it did work the screen was inverted but the...

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