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Network Assessment Tool Plus

Microsoft, back in 2016, released the Microsoft Network Assessment Tool for doing a basic check of connection quality to Skype for Business Online / Teams / O365 (see Randy’s blog for more info). This tool gives you a Pass/Fail based on four network metrics (Packet Loss, Round Trip Time, Jitter, Packet Reorder) for the 90th percentile average of the time you ran the tool.

I decided that while the tool is pretty helpful it could do so much more, so with a bit of PowerShell and a splash of PowerBI I’ve hopefully transformed its output into something richer and far more useful.

Come explore your network with me 🙂

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Network Assessment Tool Plus – Running

Post series: Overview | Running the tool | Processing the data This post covers how to loop the Microsoft Network Assessment Tool using PowerShell for use later in the Network Assessment Plus process Saving the tool to your...

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