Notes taken from the Ignite session – Plan your UC refresh correctly: Skype for Business on-premises vNext by Daniel Strader.

Session summary

So the key points here are:

  • SfB on-prem will have another release
  • This release is geared towards enterprise customers, SMB may have challenges
  • This release bridges the gap from on-prem to O365 / Teams service
    • It will smooth out the migration path to full online
  • No Standard Edition server
    • This means you need a SQL license for your pools
  • No Directors
    • Meh
  • 2019 will support existing CCE deployments
  • Teams will use a “Bring your own SIP trunk” connectivity model

Session content



  • Why another release?
    • Microsoft is investing in another version / refresh
    • Bringing cloud value to on-prem
    • Improved teams interop with SfB
    • More time for customers to get to cloud / realise investments
  • Teams NDA roadmap in October as part of Enterprise Connect
  • If you have on-prem investment & SIP investment then SfB19 is for
  • Envision running side-side with teams
  • Designed to provide a better experience before, during after meetings


  • Office 2019 server suite
    • Clients
    • Exchange
    • SharePoint
    • SfB
  • Client
    • Minimum Windows 10
    • Only click to run installer, MSI is gone


  • Migration
    • 2013 – 2019
    • 2015 – 2019
    • Min server 2016 SQL 2016
  • This release is targeted at Enterprise customers, some impact to SMB customers
    • No Standard Edition server
    • No Director roles
    • No in-place upgrade
      • Upgrade dependencies will hamper forward progress so they are being removed where possible



  • Hybrid value
    • Does need O365 tenant
    • Single portal for analytics and retention
    • Call queues, AA and Voicemail
    • Modern auth support
  • Meeting migration service update to support certain on-prem scenarios (server side, removing user tool / pain)


  • Hybrid investment
    • Consistency across the platforms is key
    • “Our vision is that the investments customers have made in SfB voice services are durable as they transition to teams”
  • “Do you have to have hybrid for 2019 SfB” – “No, recommended for value but not required”
  • Coming via Skype preview


  • SfB online is not going away, it still exists

Session Q/A

  • What about CCE?
    • Current CCE will stay the same for 2019
    • CCE will co-exist in 2019 (tbc)
  • Can we disable old TLS versions?
    • Yes in 2019 and coming to 2015
  • Silverlight control panel going away!
  • What about on-prem APIs
    • Aiming to maintain compatibility but subject to dependencies that could change.
    • No updates or changes due to API’s on-prem
  • Connectivity for voice in Teams
    • Teams will support “Bring your own SIP Trunk” for PSTN connectivity
  • Will 2019 include P-Chat
    • No Pchat will not be updated in 2019


Will any of the above stuff affect your deployment or plans?