Problem summary:
A user needs to be able to scan in signatures and upload them to web site that has very strict input criteria:

  • 300 DPI
  • No larger than 600 * 150 pixels
  • Monochrome BMP file

Having had a little bit to do with vbscript and hta files in the past I set about seeing if there was a command line image manipulator available. After a bit of searching I found that imagemagick had complied versions for windows (I previously thought it was just for linux servers) and not only that it worked for windows but was capable of being called directly with vbscript!
With a little bit of help from the script center guys I’d nocked up a simple hta that would allow you to specify multiple files using a standard windows selection box and then convert all the files to the correct format using imagemagick.
The code is included here:

Ben’s Magic Signature Resize