Just a quicky… While publishing a new Lync pool today using the topology builder I got some errors about SQL permissions. After cleaning them up I re-published the topology and this time ended up with an even more obscure error message:

(Major upgrade of database required.)
Due to schema changes this database cannot be re-used. It must be dropped and a new one created.
To preserve data, you must use this product’s backup/export restore/import solution. Examine the product documentation for instructions.



Turns out the fix is fairly straight forward, during the first failed attempt a database had actually been created but not configured correctly. Lync was then getting in a twist on the second run trying to re-use the existing database. Simply open the SQL manager and delete the database (In my case “XDS” but take care not to delete any thing with data in).

After clearing out the dead database re-run the publishing wizard and hopefully things will be better (or at least you’ll move onto the next error!)