Today the first update arrived for the Windows Phone 7 Lync client. There is no change log from Microsoft at this point and it looks like there’s much new added. After digging about with WinMerge and taking a look at the binary files it looks like some minor functionality and language tweaks and hopefully some optimisations – ready for reduced RAM Tango?. There doesn’t seem to be support for any of the new marketplace languages yet either. Perhaps the update is just about fixing some minor bugs / performance issues?

It’s a start for hopefully many updates for the Lync mobile clients (Android already received an update to bring “Call via Work”) but a shame to still see features like “Send Location” missing.


Either way you can get a copy of the update here (if your phone doesn’t show the update yet, search the marketplace for “Lync” and open the application info, press back and then go in to the info again).


4.1 update image

Most of the changes to the DLL files are just where they have been resigned (except Microsoft.Lync.Phone.DLL).

Minor language tweaks:


Minor interface tweaks:

Things like changing the SIP input box to an “email type”

image   image