Post series: Overview | Running the tool | Processing the data

This post covers how to loop the Microsoft Network Assessment Tool using PowerShell for use later in the Network Assessment Plus process

Saving the tool to your computer

  • Make a new folder on the desktop called “NetworkToolPlus”
  • Check that “Show file extensions” is enabled from the “View” menu
    • image
  • Save the Network_Assessment_Plus_VX.txt file into the folder
    • image
  • Rename the file & delete the “.txt” and replace it with “.ps1”
  • Acknowledge the prompt if asked
    • image
  • The icon for the file should change as shown
    • image

Allowing the script to run (Script security)

  • Click “Start” and search for “Windows PowerShell”
  • Right click on it and select “PowerShell as Administrator”
    • image
  • At the security prompt “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device” click “Yes”
  • When the blue window appears type “Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted”
  • Press Enter
    • image
  • Enter “Y” for the confirmation prompt
  • Type “Get- ExecutionPolicy” and press Enter
    • image
  • The value should show as “Unrestricted”
  • Close the PowerShell Window

Running the tool

  • When you are ready to run the tool open the folder you created on the desktop
    • image
  • A blue PowerShell window should appear, this will download and run the Microsoft Network Assessment Tool
  • A lot of new files should appear in the folder, if not please ask for assistance
    • image
  • The first time you run the tool you will see a firewall prompt requesting access
  • Please click “Allow access”
    • image
  • The Network test will now run forever until closed manually
    • image

Please leave the tool running for as long as possible – as a minimum a 24 hour period should be sampled and ideally a 1 week period gives good coverage of working and non-working hours.

If you can leave the PC and tool running for longer please do so. The tool window can be minimised without disrupting the test. If running the test from a laptop remember to disable any sleep or suspend timeout policies!

Once you have gathered a good time sample of data (I like to use a weeks worth) head back to the main post to find out how to process & interpret the data.

Comments/feedback much appreciated below about this part of the process so I can improve things. Thank you