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Upgrading MDT 2008 to 2010 for SCCM

MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) provides the ability to do Lite Touch Deployments of computers. MDT has enhanced task sequence steps over those that are included in SCCM by default. Luckily you can integrate MDT with SCCM to...

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SCCM Update Scan Error

A few weeks after deploying SCCM to our client machines using WSUS integration no machines were checking in with update requirements. This looked suspiciously like something might be broken somewhere along the line but where as I had double checked all the URLs and everything looked correct…

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WSUS, SCCM & Server 2008 WebDAV error

Recently when revisiting an internal SCCM deployment I found that the WSUS integration had stopped working. It tuns out the issue was caused by some changes that had been made to the WebDAV configuration in IIS7 on the server....

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Advanced package for 7-zip

In the previous post I covered how you could create a basic package for 7-zip to deploy out to users, however this does not do some basic things such as register file type associations in windows…. This post contains a vbscript to address some of these issues.

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Deploying CRM client updates with SCCM

CRM provides a way for updating clients using its own update manager however this requires your users to have admin rights on there computers. This situation is far from ideal so I have found a way to publish CRM 4.0 hotfixes using SCCM and SCUP. This guide will take you through the steps to get CRM hotfixes available for deployment via SCCM. It assumes that you already have SCUP installed and configured to look at the same WSUS server that SCCM is using. It also does not cover the process of deploying the hotfixes from SCCM when they appear in the list.

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Installing CRM 4.0 with SCCM

This post talks about some of the issues with deploying Dynamics CRM 4.0 with SMS or SCCM. Specifically the issue with the installer returning an invalid error code to SCCM causing the deployment to be marked as “failed” even if the client has in fact installed successfully

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