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Server 2008 DNS Resolution Issue

Last week after making a change to our 2008 DNS infrastructure we started getting a re-occurring error where DNS requests for certain top level domain were not being resolved. After investigating the issue for a bit it turned out there was an error with the way server 2008 DNS handles TTL (Time To Live). The issue causes .co.uk domains to become unresolvable (as well as other domains that have circular dependencies).

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WSUS, SCCM & Server 2008 WebDAV error

Recently when revisiting an internal SCCM deployment I found that the WSUS integration had stopped working. It tuns out the issue was caused by some changes that had been made to the WebDAV configuration in IIS7 on the server....

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Running other web applications inside Dynamics CRM 4.0 (32 or 64 bit)

In this post I’ll run through the solution I found for running custom aspx & asp pages in separate web applications under the main CRM website as well as talking about the issues I encountered along the way. In our scenario one of the custom web applications needed to be run as a 32bit web application where as our server was running 64bit Dynamics, this will be the scenario I will focus on for this guide however I did end up with two custom web applications, one for 32bit and one for 64bit so any other iteration should be possible.

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32bit web app inside 64bit website – IIS 7.0

As part of a Dynamics CRM Install we had to nest 32bit web applications inside a 64bit site. After hunting around on the net for a bit and some trial and error I worked out what was needed to get it working correctly. I will go more in-depth into the CRM specifics in the next post but I thought in this post I’d just cover the basics of setting up an nested 32bit web application inside a 64bit site…

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