I’ve been upgrading my virtual host at home which has the happy side effect of being able to host more RAM hungry machines. This means I’m now able to play with some different servers at home, including Lync.


This is the first part of three (I think) videos that I’ve recorded about how to “upgrade” from OCS 2007 to Lync 2010 standard edition. I suppose technically this isn’t really an upgrade but more a migration as we are moving users from one server to another instead of re-using the same hardware but ho-hum who’s going to argue with me? Winking smile


So today I’m pleased to announce part 1 in which we cover:

  • AD, domain & schema preparation
  • Installing the first server in the domain
  • Installing the Topology Builder tool

(Yes I forgot to add “Lync” to the PowerPoint dictionary before I recorded)

If you’ve enjoyed that (or otherwise!), or want to point out some glaring mistake then please drop me a comment below.

I’ve also tried out using a slightly larger video format, does that make things easier to watch?




Update: The other parts of this series…
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3